Stevie Kim was born in Korea and raised in the United States. Today, she lives in Verona, with her husband and two daughters. As Managing Director of Vinitaly International, Stevie has launched and now coordinates a series of new initiatives connected to the Vinitaly brand, among them OperaWine, Vinitaly International Academy, Vinitaly Wine Club, VINO (the Italian Wine Pavilion at Expo2015 in Milan), Hack Wine, wine2wine, 5 Star Wines and Wine Without Walls. As the head of Vinitaly’s strategic arm abroad, Stevie is always seeking innovative ways to communicate and celebrate “Italian wine” abroad – with a strong creative emphasis on social media and digital communication. In 2017, Stevie produced two other innovative multimedia projects: Italian Wine Podcast, the first podcast in English dedicated exclusively to Italian wine and its personalities; and Italian Wine Unplugged Grape by Grape, a new reference book unpacking the hundreds of Italian native grapes in a visually compelling layout featuring photograph, infographics, and mind maps.
Stevie’s work is devoted to creating an integrated communication plan for Italian wine as well as educational platforms. She regularly travels around the world to spread the gospel of Italian wine, with particular attention to USA, Russia, and China.